Advanced Dental Technology

We strive, through constant and continual dental education, to stay on the cutting evolutionary edge of dental products, procedures and technology innovations. We believe that modern techniques, materials and technology provide a superior service to our patients as well as providing professional satisfaction and achievement to our professional team.  The following are some of the current innovations available to better serve our family of patients:

Cone Beam 3D Images
Cone Beam 3D Imaging
  • CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) Imaging: this exciting new imaging technology allows us to see literally hundreds of different angles of any given area of the mouth. This allows us to see things in 3-dimensions and thus increases our ability to diagnose and treat exponentially. This is especially useful in treatment planning for dental implants, finding canals when performing root canal therapy, measuring airway volumes when treating sleep apnea or doing orthodontics, discovering the exact location of impacted teeth and dental pathology plus other extremely valuable applications.  Our specific CBCT machine also allows us to take conventional 2-dimensional images that are especially useful for those patients who can not tolerate conventional dental x-rays; like small children or patients with a severe gag reflex.
  • Dental Laser: this newer technology allows us to use light energy as a cutting instrument. A dental laser is used to treat gum and bone disease with less trauma and therefore is more comfortable for the patient with faster healing.
  • Digital X-rays: digital x-rays are one of the greatest dental innovations in recent history. Digital x-rays expose patients to far less radiation than previous film-based x-rays and eliminate chemicals for developing film from the dental office. Digital x-rays can be enlarged, enhanced and manipulated for far better diagnostic accuracy and disease detection and the sensors used in place of traditional film is far more comfortable for the patient.
Sterilization Room
  • Physics Forceps: This newer instrument for extracting teeth is an amazing innovation that allows for quick, non-traumatic, clean removal of teeth.
  • State-of-the-art Sterilization: We use medical grade sterilization and follow a strict sterilization protocol. Never do we reuse or attempt to sterilize disposable products. We are proud of our office cleanliness and invite all of our patients to witness for themselves our sterilization room and peek into any nook, cranny, drawer or cabinet within our office; we are fanatical about the cleanliness of our office.
  • Self-contained Water Supply: Each of our dental chairs have self-contained water units. This means that our water supply does not tie into the city water lines where potential for waterline contamination exists. We are fastidious in maintaining strict cleanliness of these self-contained units that use sterile water as the water supply.
Self-Contained Water Supply
  • Composite Restorative Materials: While this is certainly not a new material, composite restorative materials have had multiple generations of improvement since they were first introduced. We use composite restorations where many offices still use old mercury laden amalgam restorations. We have NO mercury in our office