Dental implants are quite possibly the greatest gift to dentistry since local anesthesia.

implants-in-tustin-caTo be able to replace a missing tooth with something almost as good as what God gave us is truly remarkable.

The evolution of dental implants since their wide spread use began in the early 1980’s has been truly amazing. Today dental implants can be placed in less time than it takes to fix a cavity. It is generally far easier, faster and less traumatic to put a dental implant in than it is to take a tooth out.

Dental implants are also extremely versatile. They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. They are stronger than natural teeth and with proper care will last indefinitely.

Dental implants in our office are placed by Dr. Stephen Kallaos and implant restorations are performed by Dr. Lockhart. The advantages of having the entire implant team working in the same office are numerous; like greater patient convenience, less expensive for the patient, two doctors consulting on every case, etc. Dr. Kallaos and Dr. Lockhart have been successfully working together for more than ten years to help patients avoid having to wear dentures, improve their smiles and improve the function of their teeth.

If you feel you are a candidate for dental implants, give us a call (714-838-0760) to arrange your free consultation.