Here’s a patient scenario:

“Both of my upper lateral incisor are sticking out but left lateral is more crowded and sticks out more than right lateral. I hv removed my left premolar and now on braces. Now I’m giving option whether to extract right premolar or shape each of the tooth at right side to create abt 3mm space for the right lateral. Is the shaping bad for my teeth and will it create imbalance as I want my front teeth to be aligned and center.”

Since a premolar tooth has already been extracted you have to either extract the same tooth on the other side of your mouth or slenderize the teeth on that side or your teeth will not be centered. This is obviously something that should have been discussed and resolved before extracting the first tooth. Depending on age, it’s possible that extracting teeth other than premolars would have been a better option. That being said, being short a premolar, the only treatment option is extracting the same tooth on the other side or slenderizing teeth on the opposite side of the extraction in order to maintain your midline in the center of your face. If you extract the other tooth you may very well end up with too much space and will have gaps after all your teeth are straightened. Slenderizing teeth will NOT harm them in any way and is done all of the time. I would always choose slenderizing over extraction where possible.

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