In our office we use a newer dental instrument called the “Physics Forceps” to remove teeth. This is a revolutionary instrument that effectively removes a tooth with little to no trauma or pain

physics-forceps-tustin-tooth-extractionsWith today’s modern dental advances the need to extract teeth is far less common than in the past.  If a tooth does need to be extracted, the good news is that some of the greatest dental advances in recent history have come in the area of tooth extraction and tooth replacement.

To ensure that healing time following an extraction is minimal and that tissue preservation is maximized we will place a bone graft and sutures in almost all extraction sites.

The bone graft will promote maximum bone regeneration, thus preserving the extraction site as an ideal dental implant location and also preserve bone for the health of adjacent teeth. The sutures help prevent dislodging of the bone graft and the blood clot that is necessary for pain-free healing of the extraction site.composite-resorative-material-tustin-tooth-extractions

Modern extraction techniques, coupled with proper homecare, should result in a painless experience both in the dental chair and during healing.

If you feel you may be in need of a tooth extraction, we invite you to give us a call (714-838-0760) for a free consultation or second opinion to determine if a tooth extraction is right for you.